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Reasons to Migrate from Delphi 7 to Delphi 2009

Why should you covert from Delphi 7 to Delphi 2009? Here's are some good reasons.
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SmartPlugin Engine v.2.2.05 RC1

SmartPlugin is a mature tool for creating modular applications with CodeGear Delphi.

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Retro Video For Delphi 2: Delphi Transformer

Here's an old promotional video for Delphi 2.

Videos Explain What's New in InterBase 2007

CodeGear has produced 5 videos that discuss the new features of InterBase 2007.
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X-Files Components 4.11

The X-Files Components package is a set of advanced gradient components designed for Delphi 5, 6, 7, 8, 2005, 2006, 2007 and C++Builder 5, 6, 2006, 2007. The set includes TXDBGrid, TXDBNavigator, TXDBColumnsDialog, and TXFGradient.
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LMD Bar Pack 2.0

LMD BarPack is a collection of 8 native VCL components that can be compiled into your application royalty free. This package contains advanced bar controls (TLMDSectionBar and TLMDExplorerBar) which help to integrate advanced GUI features into your applications. Included controls are characterized by extremly high flexibility regarding their visual features and internal data handling. In addition advanced editors will speed up development at designtime.
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php4Delphi: Embedding and Extending PHP

PHP4Delphi is a Visual Development Framework for creating custom PHP Extensions using Delphi.
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InterBase 2007 Service Pack 2

Service pack 2 for Interbase 2007 is available. Besides bug fixes, this update introduces several new features.
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Here's a version of the classic Minesweeper game, written in Delphi, with full source code available.
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ChartFX Client Server CodeGear Delphi 2007

Chart FX Client Server 6.2 is the latest COM-based tool that allows developers the ability to deploy powerful charts in their Visual Basic, Visual C++, Delphi and Access applications.
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